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Ive Decided....

Donatella_Marie Jade Williams  |  Other  |  265 views  |  Read Full
Im back again lol. I ve decided to buckle down and finish Temple of Jezzebel and to start my new story. Now I know ive said that a MILLION times. But ive been doing some promo and im determined to get this page back slappin like before. I even turned a friend on to this site. Make Sure your reading his story "Deaths State Of Mind"

Anyways Ive decided to pick back up with it and ill have part 7 up in about 2 days. lol you can hold me to that.


Deaths State Of Mind (Chapter 6)

KingFlare21 KingFlare21  |  Short Stories  |  309 views  |  Read Full
 Vance sees a blur past his ear and ducks as Angel lets loose half a clip, dropping multiple zombies in their place. He darts to the left towards a short zombie with blood flowing freely from its nose and mouth. He uses the momentum from his movement to bring the bat crashing into the creatures ear.  He holds his bat up with his hands at both ends just as a woman springs at him. He stops her, but she is still able to push him off balance. He tries to kick her away as her jaws snap at him hungrily. He hears heavy footsteps and loud moaning hurrying towards him. "Fuck." He spits as he struggles against the dead woman. The moaning behind him gets louder and Vance knew he couldnt escape. He looks the dead woman in her eyes and smiles, not noticing that the moaning behind him has stopped. "Whithin the shadows of death lay a single light, that light will illuminate ...

Deaths State Of Mind (Chapter 5)

KingFlare21 KingFlare21  |  Short Stories  |  267 views  |  Read Full
 Vance watches Joel closely studying him. He takes in Joel's appearance and sticks out his hand towards him. Joel looks down at the hand before looking at Vance. "You are?" A trace of attitude in his voice." "Joel, this is Vance." Trina speaks up. Joel looks down at her, "Vance?" Vance squints and lowers his hand, "Yea." "What kind of name is Vance?" Joel snickers. "Joel......." Trina mutters, a tone of warning in her voice. "What? I'm just askin questions." Vance balls his fist and steps forward. "My name." He spits. Angel puts his hand on Vance's chest pushing him back away from Joel. "Chill fam." He looks at Joel, "Might wanna be a little nicer, Vance is known for his hands." "I don't have to be anything, I dont k ow him." Joel unzips his jacket. "All I did was ...

Deaths State Of Mind (Chapter 4)

KingFlare21 KingFlare21  |  Short Stories  |  350 views  |  Read Full
 He looks up to see a lightskinned hand pointing a gun between his eyes. The guy had on a pair of ripped jeans and a blood stained tank top. His eyes looked down on Vance coldly "Bitten?" "Do I seem like I've been bitten?" Vance replies fiercly, deeply annoyed by the gun in his face. The male swung the gun, hitting Vance in the side of his head and sending him sprawling to the floor. "Bitten?" He repeats. "He's clean!" Trina Shouts "We're clean." She adds. "Good." He gets up and pulls Vance to his feet finally taking a second to look at him. "Oh Shit." The male gasped, "Vance?" Vance looks at the guy holding him studying his features. Vance slowly recognized him from his cocky grin and devilish eyes. "Fuck you, Angel." Vance smiles. "That hurt." "Sorry Fam," Angel ...

Deaths State Of Mind (Chapter 3)

KingFlare21 KingFlare21  |  Short Stories  |  310 views  |  Read Full
 The next morning Vance awoke to an empty bed. "Trina?" He mumbles gruffly looking around the room. He gets up and walks out the room towards the stairs. Looking over  the rail he sees her looking out the window. "Trina," He calls to her, his voice still deep from sleep. "Lets clean ourselves up then we can go. Ok?" She nods and looks up at him, her eyes red and puffy. He rubs his eyes and walks downstairs pulling her into a hug. "I wont let nun happen to you as long as im Breathin." She stays motionless till he lets her go. "Lets go get clean." He says softly. He starts goin upstairs hearing her footsteps behind him. He goes into the bathroom and runs the sink water putting a two rags under the faucet. After wringing the two warm, damp rags he hands one to her and starts wiping his own face. "Ugh." She smiles faintly ...

Deaths State Of Mind (Chapter 2)

KingFlare21 KingFlare21  |  Short Stories  |  303 views  |  Read Full
 The man was White an balding with hairy arms. His T-shirt was stained and ripped. He wore faded jeans. His face was child like wih stubble.  "Have you ever heard of knocking?" He replies "Go Away, Kid." Trina Points Her Gun At the mans chest and Vance Lowers his bat. "Chill, sir." He looks at Trina then back at the man. "Last thing we want is Trouble. Can we come in? Well leave in the Morning." The man looks at them steadily "I guess."  He looks around and nods his head. Trina lowers her gun and follows Vance inside the house. Vance looks around and smiles. "Im Vance, this Is Trina. Thanks for letting us stay." The Man eyes Trina while answering Vance "Uhhh no problem. Im Luke." He extends his hand to Vance. They shake hands then Trina looks at him. "Would It be to much to ask for seperate ...

Deaths State Of Mind (Chapter 1)

KingFlare21 KingFlare21  |  Short Stories  |  526 views  |  Read Full
 Its 2013 and the world has fallen to the undead. 87% of the world has been infected and it is slowly makin its way through America. The Cause of the Virus and it's Origins are unclear. A lone Survivor still walks with a beating Heart. 
"Ya Know What The MidWest Is? Young And Restless!" Vance Raps cheerfully despite his bleak surroundings. His Aluminum bat rest on his shoulders. He carries a black book bag he took from a walmart and filled it with food and ammunition for the two Glocks he carries in his pants. His Dreads bounce as he walks and his muscles ripple causing his tattoos to move along his light-skinned chest. Wearing a pair of Black and Purple Nikes Jordans he found and some jeans he enjoys the crisp breeze. He never wears a shirt. "The Restless Nigga Might Snatch Ya Ne....." He's cut off by a low growl to his left. Smiling and slowing ...

Ten word story

Tasha Leslie Phillips  |  Ten Word Stories  |  254 views  |  Read Full
 Nigga! My ex fucked me in your bed. Sweet revenge.

Kissed in The Rain

JDDanger JD Danger  |  Short Stories  |  539 views  |  Read Full
 I go to bed with her on my mind every night and wake with her name on my lips in the morning... but this tale is a story of the time in between...this story is a dream… a dream that may change my life.... a dream I had of her...
As the dream begins I am walking on a seemingly endless dirt road. It is a hot dry day and it feels as if the sky could open up and it could rain at any moment. There is a song in my head... a tune I can not I walk on I try to hum the tune...I even sing part of one verse...
“Intoxicating first taste… drunk...though the night had just begun..."
That simple snippet was all I could remember and as I walked ....the words hung in the back of my mind the same way the heat hung in the air.
Just as my feet begin to hurt I came to a fork in the road, I walked slowly to the ...

A Captured Heart

JDDanger JD Danger  |  Eroctica  |  554 views  |  Read Full
 It had been a few days since he captured .his dirty blonde angel a few days since he tossed her in that small cold dark room a few days of watching this seemingly perfect female that he wanted to control completely. As his dark gaze fell over her almost flawless features his mind raced with thoughts of the things he would do to her if he kept her.
More days went by and still his eyes watched the blonde beauty in the simple sundress. as he watched he started to learn her and soon started to control her as well….he gave her food…so he could control what and when she ate. He watched her all day and night…he watched when he wanted to…for as long as he wanted to…. then when even his dark eyes could not watch her any longer he decided it was time for her to sleep so what little light was in the room would go off and the blonde beauty ...
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